Hosting A Blind Wine Tasting Party

Three people enjoying a San Jose wine tasting in the nearby Solis Winery located in Gilroy California.Hosting a wine party can be a lot of fun, but hosting a blind wine-tasting party can be even more entertaining. Your guest will blindly taste different brands, wine varieties, and even price ranges, and then guess what they’ve tasted and rate flavor, scent, etc.  You’ll definitely be in for some fun once the guessing starts and people are inevitably wrong or right. Having the party is simple enough and you only need a few things to make it successful.

Select a Theme

Selecting a theme is usually the first step in planning your party. A theme will give your party some structure and purpose and a great theme will get your guest excited about your party before they arrive.  Try to think about your guest and what would be fun for them and select your theme, e.g. France, Australia, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, dessert, etc.  Once you’ve selected your theme, you will need a few items in preparation of the party.

Something to drink and something to pour the drink into

You can’t have a wine party without wine, but you don’t have to supply all the wine yourself. Have your guest bring a bottle that fits within your party theme.  You’ll also want to double check and make sure you have enough wine glasses before the date of the party.

Something to write on and something to guide your guest

Your guest will write their guesses and ratings on a note card or a piece of paper. You may want to have a little tasting guide that gives your guest some parameters and direction so there is a general understanding and you are not stuck explaining all night.

Something to hide the wine

You could blindfold everyone, but an easier way is to put all the wine bottles in brown paper bags and use the tape to secure the bag to the bottle.  That way, both the label and the shape of the bottle will be hidden from your guests.  Be sure to remove the corks and capsules too, often times they can reveal what the hidden wine is.

Something to cleanse the palate

Your guest will taste multiple wines in a fairly short period of time and will need something to cleanse their palate.  You may use unflavored water, white or French bread or crackers to assist with the palate cleansing during the party.  Ultimately, you will want to finish with a meal or dessert to absorb the several tastings.

Invite your guest and have the party

Now that you have selected a theme and got all your items in preparation, the only thing left to do is to have the party and have some fun too.  Remember, to be safe and if you have a few friends that had too much fun, call them a cab or make it a sleep over.

As long as you’re prepared, your blind wine tasting party should be a hit.


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