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Under $40 Wine Lover Gadget & Gift Roundup – Part 1

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

There are many inexpensive wine accessories that can make enjoying wine easy for everyone. We have come up with a number of innovative products that you can get for yourself or as a gift for wine lover in your life. We know that budget is always a concern, so none of these cost more than $40, most are much less than that.  In this first part of our series we will look at wine storage and wine opening. In later posts we’ll get into cooling and carrying your wine as well as some nifty other nifty wine gadgets.

Space Saving Wine Racks

Storing wine can mean a lot of counter or cabinet space taken up by not only the wine but by the rack itself. Here are some great ideas for storing wine without eating up too much space.

You have probably seen the Gravity Defying Wine Stand ($4.99) but for the wine loving college sports fan check out the NCAA version. ($16.99) There are currently only 9 schools available. Hopefully more will be on the way.

This bamboo wine rack ($20.00) is a great little space saver. It allows you to store 12 bottles in avery small 18 inch tall by 18-inch wide space. Since it is made out of a renewable resource, you can feel good knowing its production didn’t hurt the environment.

The folding Rabbit Bamboo Wine Rack ($27.00) holds 8 bottles of wine but can collapse when you don’t need it.  When you are using the rack it takes up a little less than 3-foot wide by 3-foot tall space.

If you are looking to not only store your wine but also your wine glasses a Wall Mounted Wine Rack ($39.98) is a great option. It can hold 6 bottles of wine and 8 wine glasses. As a bonus it has a shelf on top to store all of your other wine accessories.

Opening A Bottle Of Wine

While a typical corkscrew can usually open a bottle of wine just fine, there are some fairly inexpensive wine opening options available. These all make it easier to open that bottle of wine quickly, easily, and without making a mess or breaking the cork.

A 6-piece kit called the Houdini Lever Corkscrew ($36.00) is a great option. Available in 3 colors the kit contains the lever operated corkscrew, a wine pourer 7 stopper, a wine sealer, foil cutter, and a stylish stand.

If a lever is too old school for you, how about the Wine Enthusiast Electric Corkscrew ($31.97). Even more stylish is the Waring Cordless Wine Opener ($39.95). Both have foil cutters and push button operation but the Waring has more eye pleasing styling.

Need Some Wine

Of course it doesn’t do any good to have a wine rack or a wine opener if you don’t have any wine. We have a wide selection of wines to buy online, all for $30 or less. If you plan on visiting the San Francisco area stop by our winery for a tour.  Don’t forget to get your 50% couponand save on any purchase you make on wine when you visit our vineyard.